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Sponsor Profile: Nancy Landrum M.A.

Nancy Landrum, M.A.

My childhood dream was to have a more loving marriage than I observed in my parents…and to write books to help others have a loving marriage! I had the dream of a loving marriage but only learned the skills to create that outcome from being in the “marriage classroom” with my first husband, who died shortly after we were married.  The lessons continued with my second husband, Jim Landrum, a widower with three children.

After struggling in extreme conflict for a few years, Jim and I found someone to teach us simple, powerful skills to improve our communication and manage our anger. After restoring our own marriage, Jim and I taught classes to couples for eleven years. I earned my Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. Together we wrote the book telling the story of the skills we learned to rescue our very troubled marriage. Jim died in 2005.

After a time, I realized the only thing I was deeply passionate about was helping others learn and use the skills that gave Jim and me the marriage of our dreams. Altogether I have taught classes and coached couples for twenty-five years and published seven books. But I wanted to make these amazing skills available to thousands of couples, not just one or a few at a time.

In the Fall of 2016, the inspiration struck for Millionaire Marriage Club. This online relationship skills course is the vehicle that can deliver the understanding and the motivation to turn your marriage from struggling, or mediocre, to loving and happy! Be sure to check it out!

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