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conscious confidence a timeless wisdom with sarah mane

Sarah Mane - Conscious Confidence Coaching

Learn about the power of being conscious, alert and aware, and how that is the essential foundation to your lasting confidence and limitless potential.

The Conscious Confidence Program
This amazing program is for those who are seeking genuine change, it is for those who want to unlock their limitless potential; it is for women and men seeking to make a real difference in their lives, and the lives of others; it is for women who have found their strength and purpose but want to go deeper and for men who want to find what’s at the heart of their lives.
*This source knowledge is ever available.
*It only requires a desire for it, an openness to learn and a willingness to practice and discover it.
*Learn the Seven Steps to Transformation and understand what to do to enthusiastically embrace change and seize the moment.

Conscious Confidence changes the current paradigm from looking outside to looking within. It goes straight to consciousness itself, our unchanging awareness of our own existence, the source of limitless wisdom. This is beyond the body, mind and heart, and yet encompasses them. It is a whole-person approach. However deep our inner awareness, this determines the extent to which we can see reality in the external world.

What’s your passion, purpose and talent? What are your real motivators? These questions are at the heart of living a life of fulfillment, meaning and joy.
*The business leader, who feels the need to examine and rejuvenate the culture and ethos of her organisation.
*The corporate executive who knows that her vision sets the standard for all those who work under her.
*These are the leaders who can benefit from access to the deep well-springs of consciousness and a simple practical program for applying their focus, energy and drive into fruitful and expanding areas of their lives.

Sarah has drawn on her decades of study of Sanskrit and ancient philosophy, her practice of meditation and her own direct experience of this powerful timeless wisdom to bring together an easy, simple and practical program that can be applied anywhere and everywhere.

This ancient wisdom is for everyone no matter their background, education, traditions, beliefs or skills. It is for those wanting to find a source of certainty within themselves; a sure foundation from which to build their lives full of love, strength, purpose, passion, joy, fulfillment and meaning. It is for the scholar and the housewife, the lawyer and the builder.
*Are you searching for true meaning and significance in your life?
*Are you keen to step free from the barriers limiting the expression and creativity of your full potential?
*Do you feel that there’s more to your life but don’t know how to find it?

Contact Sarah for a free consultation.

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