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Jen Zelop

Jen Zelop

Host of THRIVE by Jen™ Radio

"I remember the excitement of beginning the process of creating my brand. Of course I needed a website! I was lost. I didn't know how to create a website or who I could trust with taking my ideas and bringing them to life. Through a recommendation I hired a company. It wasn't cheap. In total it was $5,000. When I received the finished product I can remember feeling disappointed. The pages were flat and lifeless.  In my mind and heart,  I envisioned people opening my website and being excited to learn about my business and about me. It was anything but that. I had to accept the product I had in front of me and move on,  since financially I was unable to pay for any redo's and their position was "they took the content I gave them and put it on the site."  Honestly, I didn't have the heart or desire to work with the team a second time since they couldn't take my ideas from my heart and transfer them to my media platform. Why would they get it right on the second go round? I had to accept the product.