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Aleta McClelland

Aleta McClelland

Astrologer, Channel, Claircognizant, Coach, Dream Interpreter, Location Astrologer, Psychic & Relationship Coach.

"I love Dr. Pat! I am a prime example of why astrology works. I was very quietly doing astrology for maybe 20 years and I knew from the moment that I was born, the animals were speaking with me and listening intently that I was receiving messages from what most people call spirit. I had a women come into my dreams when I was a little girl and she taught me to be an intuitive. And she didn’t teach me to shut up about it so I sought many things that taught me to be quiet. I learned as I moved along with the education I was receiving to be quiet. And then I learned that astrology seems to encompass so many deeper understandings. Well, Dr. Pat was a pivotal point in that for me because I wasn’t going to tell anybody what I was doing. She wanted me to have a sort of spiritual outing. And I knew deep down inside of me that I needed to make a point to spiritually come out too. Dr. Pat got that. She had me on her radio show but she got caught in traffic. So the producer and I were ready to go on air. The producer was very worried for me. I was not worried for me. I simply got on air and started talking and Pat got through the traffic and got on air and everything went fine! I knew I would be comfortable on air. I knew it was time to speak about the spiritual things out loud and definitively. Pat was literally an opening for me. I would listen to her show at home and I would talk back to her. That is why getting on air was so easy for me and I owe it all to Dr. Pat."