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Interview with Mary Crescenzo

Interview with Mary Crescenzo

Hi, Dr. Pat,

Thank you so very much for a most insightful, profound and amazing interview this am. You made me think about things that have never come to mind about myself and my book. We have oddly so much in common: Bronx CCHS Girls!, Italian-Americans, a Papa who grew veggies who acknowledged and appreciated us, Lyme Disease, the arts, radio (I was on WPLJ (ABC-FM) in the 70’s as part of the morning show as “Mary The Exercise Lady" and did morning drive in Tulsa for a while on KMOD, Jazz, etc. You are a gift to the air waves, to the world. Your questions were so thoughtful, so pointed in the best sense of the word. Thank you, your team and your listeners for your time and interest. 

With love and gratitude, 

Mary Crescenzo