Jen Zelop

Jen Zelop

Host of THRIVE by Jen™ Radio

"I remember the excitement of beginning the process of creating my brand. Of course I needed a website! I was lost. I didn't know how to create a website or who I could trust with taking my ideas and bringing them to life. Through a recommendation I hired a company. It wasn't cheap. In total it was $5,000. When I received the finished product I can remember feeling disappointed. The pages were flat and lifeless.  In my mind and heart,  I envisioned people opening my website and being excited to learn about my business and about me. It was anything but that. I had to accept the product I had in front of me and move on,  since financially I was unable to pay for any redo's and their position was "they took the content I gave them and put it on the site."  Honestly, I didn't have the heart or desire to work with the team a second time since they couldn't take my ideas from my heart and transfer them to my media platform. Why would they get it right on the second go round? I had to accept the product.

Fast forward to meeting Dr. Pat and her team; we worked together on creating a radio show and slowly as one thing led to another, the idea of a new website came into discussion. The first step was viewing other websites the team had created. There were 3 I went to check out. Each one blew me away! That's the reaction I dreamed about for mine! Each website I opened, I wanted to go from page to page; reading the services offered; learning about the person behind the site....I couldn't contain my excitement. Then reality set in for me. I thought, if I paid $5,000 for what I have, these sites must be triple that. I hesitantly asked about pricing and couldn't believe what I was quoted. I was in!!!

I worked with the team closely and they were always open to receiving my content and ideas. There was always an open line of communication. They wanted to know about my business, about me and my message to the world. I would just keep feeding them information and they would go to work. Helpful is an understatement. I pulled together several videos for the site and the quality was lost in transfer. Without hesitation, Jesica said let's do it together and she helped me recreate each video!  She cared that everything would be perfect for the site. The team is full of professionalism and kindness. Everyone is in communication with each other about the projects they work on and have this perfect fluidity about them.  They work in perfect harmony.


I finally got to see the first pass at the site and I was literally blown away! Dr. Pat and her team took my words, my ideas and my business and brought it to life. It was everything I had dreamed about and so much more. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Pat and her team and will never forget the beautiful gift they have given platform for my soul's message." - Jen Zelop