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Nancy Mack-CoHost

Nancy Mack-CoHost

The Mary Jane Mack Show- Holistic Intuitive, Wellness Coach http://www.maryjanemack

"For those of you who don't know about Mary Jane, first of all she's my mom. I think she's pretty awesome as a mom but I also think she's pretty awesome at what she does. Little bit about her background is in nursing but she's had a thriving, successful practice in Issaquah, Washington since 1992. She's a medical intuitive and the way I describe what she does is a form of muscle testing, the body to find out where your nutritional deficiencies are, then she recommends nutrition protocol that gets in the nutrition repair, feeds your body, brings it back to where it can function at 100% and I used to work in her office, saw a lot of interesting cases that came in. Some were fun, had a few interesting people but I've seen a lot of miracles created in her office and she's a pretty special lady, not just that cause she is my mom and she's a miracle worker."

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