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My Wild Magic with Adrienne: Live, Unplugged & Defying Gravity
Sandra H. Rodman

Sandra H. Rodman

Author and CEO of Parallel Universe Programs for Transformation

"Dr. Pat Bacilli is that rare intuitive Media Educator whose enthusiasm and prescience are "tuned in" far beyond the station. She can generate multidimensional sparks on the air--and possibly around you at home...Her deceptively concise interviews pack a lot more than information...and I suspect are broadcast to unlisted, "non-local" stations far far away...She delivers an "energy burst" more than an "interview." She also seems to know if you're onto something "new" before you do; pay attention to that. My suspicion is that, by design, you get more than "words" when you listen to Dr. Pat's interviews and can take in more information. That's just one woman's opinion from a Parallel Universe..."