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Steve Maraboli-Host

Steve Maraboli-Host

Keynote speaker, author, social observer and behavioral Scientist

"Hey, it's so great to be on. You are my first radio show mentor and I'm so glad we had a great run with the empowered living radio show. We ran it for years. That radio show put me in contact with the guru of the gurus. I mean all the gurus and the New York Time's Best Selling Authors and the masters of this and the manifesters of that and the spiritual this. With some of the best sellers whose books touched me and inspired me and after all these years the person I talk to is the realest. The woman, the empowered incredible woman that you all get to listen to, Dr. Pat Baccili because she was the most real. She didn't tell me about any sort of magic. She said, "Just be yourself" and that wisdom and integrity behind those words and honesty behind those words is something that still sticks with me. And the few radio interviews that I do ever, I'm so happy to say are often conversations with you."