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Sue Storm-Co-Host

Sue Storm-Co-Host

International author, inspirational speaker, and prosperity consultant http://www.TheAngelLady.net

"My special offer for the last show was to get 10 minutes of time with me at no charge. So the first 10 minutes of the appointment there's no charge and you get the names of your angels, and you can ask about your life's purpose, or you can get information or questions you've wondered about your whole life. And I'm just giving you that time so that you get acquainted with me, you see how productive the angels are and how much they can help you. But mostly it's just something that I'm doing for you it's just my gift to you. And I should say Dr. Pat it was extremely productive or successful I don't know if it's the right words but so many people called and took advantage of it and moved forward on their life and that makes me very proud and very happy that I can do that." Sue Storm

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