The Christine Upchurch Show: The Vibration of Change™: Adversity Is Your Greatest Ally with Coach Michael Taylor
Susan Barbara Apollon

Susan Barbara Apollon

Psychologist, Speaker and Author of Touched by the Extraordinary and Intuition Is Easy and Fun

"Thoughts of Dr. Pat and my interview experience include, Warm, gracious, so much fun, filled with wisdom, asked great questions, enabled me to share my research regarding Intuition, Consciousness, Healing and the Power of Love with her listeners, comfortable, genuine, caring, probably one of the most engaging hosts who has ever interviewed me, delightful and an amazing psychologist who really "gets" people. I was honored to be asked by Dr. Pat to share the hour with her an entertaining and enlightening hour that whizzed by, leaving us both wanting more time to talk. How fortunate Dr. Pat's listeners are to have a host who comes from love and, as a psychologist, truly honors their needs." 

    The Knowledge Book - Marge Ptaszek