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Get More of Everything You Want. An interview with Jack Canfield.

An exerpt from The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio to Thrive By! Interview with Jack Canfield


Dr. Pat: More people mention how Jack Canfield has helped them, than I can count. Whether it’s through his workshops or personally. He is known for his huge heart and more importantly, he’s known for the exquisite work that he does. He is America’s success coach and we’re gonna learn today about a brand new series of events and programs. And if you are wondering, “I can’t make it alone. I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I’m not sure.” I want you to think about some of the folks that have come on the show and have worked with him, Marcy Shimoff has been a regular on the show. Every time she’s on, she talks about the work she did with Jack. Julia talked about Jack the other day and his influence of the novel that she created. I could go on and on and on. The point is that what these folks have in common is that they have a dream and did not know how to launch and JC very generously, through his work, his programs and his heart, has helped people achieve greatness.


This is really the energy and the vibration. Why is it, Jack, or how is it that you have been able to keep doing what you do, get better at what you do and reach more people and that when they’re finished working with you, they can’t stop talking about your work.


Jack Canfield: I’m not sure I even know. You know, I love people and I started my career as a high school teacher. So at the very beginning, I was someone that said “Ok, I want to teach people how to be more effective and successful in their life.” And I very quickly as a high school teacher, became more interested in why kids weren’t motivated to learn than I was in teaching history. And so I think I just started out from a place of service. I taught at an all black inner city high school during the civil rights movement and my whole goal was to make a contribution, to make a difference. So, it’s never been about getting for me. It’s been about giving.


----Jack Canfield can teach us all about success from a spiritual perspective. The idea of GIVING vs GETTING. Jack and Dr. Pat go on to talk about his book The Success Principles and his goals in the world to continue to contribute as a thought leader, success coach, and author. The universe rewards those who have a true authentic heart-centered goal. 


Defining Success:

Dr. Pat: Success, how do you define it? What does it mean? Is it elusive?


Jack Canfield: Well, to me, success is simply the experience of satisfying one’s own needs and wants. So, for a lot of people, they want or think they need to make a million dollars. To do that, they would be successful. If what you need and want is free time to pursue your art or spiritual studies, you create that and you’re successful. If you want to be in a meaningful, deep intimate, juicy relationship and you create that, you’re successful. You want to teach kids in Pakistan how to read, as a way of fighting terrorism, then you feel successful. So, basically, it’s still a need to produce the result that you want. And that can be in the area of health, wealth, career, fun and recreation, relationships, travel, personal, making a contribution.


I think unfortunately, in our culture, people have equated success with money. And the thing you have to remember is money is just a vehicle for purchasing other things like experiences, food travel, good health care, etc. And so when you focus on money, you’re kind of missing the boat. And my experience has been, with the law of attraction work I’ve done is that when you focus on what you want the money to be able to give you, quite often it will show up without spending any money. An example being that I now have access to at least 15 homes around the world in wonderfully good resort locations like Cancun, Mexico, Cabo, that are available to me anytime I want without me having to pay for them and it’s only because I contributed so much to people that they said they wanted to contribute back to me. So, money’s not necessarily the way to get what you want.


Question from listener...

How can we help ourselves to keep the confidence to know that we are successful, even though my identity was so into the work that I was doing and now I feel too old for someone to even hire me?


Jack Canfield: The thing is to start with an affirmation that says “I have a job, I’m not my job.” Many people, you ask them, “who are you?” They say “I’m an engineer. I’m a banker.” And instead of saying “I’m someone, I’m a spirit who happens to choose the banking career at this point in my life.” And so if you have something and you aren’t it when you lose it, you don’t have an identity crisis because you aren’t it. And so your self esteem is not dependent on your ability to keep a certain job, but the knowledge that you’re a worthwhile person and that you love people and that you’re contributing in many, many ways.


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