Host Your Own Show! You Can Make Your Voice Heard, and it's Easier Than Ever...

Host Your Own Show! You Can Make Your Voice Heard, and it's Easier Than Ever...

She’s called the Ambassador of Optimistic Possibilities and dares to ask the question to propel clients into an amazing dynamic: “Are you ready to thrive regardless of external circumstances? Get ready to live life full out!”

If you ever make the life changing decision to become a part of Dr. Pat Baccili’s Transformation Radio family by having a show, you have so much to look forward to in the future as we sculpt our podcasting platform!


Making your shows available through podcasting will make this very concept possible for your loyal listeners and those looking for answers in this digital age. A podcast is a broadcasted audio or video file that is listenedto on a computer, smartphone, tablet or media device. It is a personal way of relaying content, music or videos.

Host Your Own Show on Transformation Talk Radio and The Dr. Pat Show Network



Benefits of having a podcast of your show:



·         On-demand and portable- Listeners are some of the busiest people who are on the go and can’t always tune into the program. These are device-carriers who want to know the latest and want to keep up. Podcasts are readily available to anyone at any time; a convenience that is unbeatable. They can be listened to while commuting or doing the chores.

On-demand and portable

·         New audience potential-You may reach an audience that you would not normally expect. People want the opportunity to freely learn and search out what will benefit and enhance their lives. Those who listen to podcasts are not just the young and tech-savvy Millenials. Even Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers are in on the action.

·         Builds a relationship with your listeners-They respect your wisdom over time and have the opportunity to listen repeatedly to favorite programs. It is also a way to address listeners’ questions through a show that is accessible.

·         Easily produced-Our team of professionals handle all aspects of production to create a quality podcast.

·         Advertising is included-There will be 9 minutes total of ad time per podcast.

·         Great way to archive your shows-No explanation is necessary here.

Host Your Own Show



Living life full out means having the desire to break out of circumstances and reach for the stars. Dr. Pat not only wants that for her clients, but also for the members of her radio family. We live in a digital age and giving those listeners who are physically out of reach the opportunity to tap into the community of Transformation Radio through podcasts is taking a step toward unlimited possibilities for them… and you.



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