Pat's Picks!

Pat's Picks!

4 Incredibly Easy Ways to Be Happy!

 We all go through a funk now and then and if you live in the Pacific Northwest it may happen every winter when we go months without quality sunshine. There are some great scientific ways and holistic supplement ways that have been proven to boost happiness but I am going to tell you some funny, yet simple ways that also help. 


1. Get Outside! Even if the weather is less than stellar, don't let that stop you from just going for a walk around the block. It feels so good to just get out, clear your mind, breath in some fresh (or for the city folks, not so fresh) air. Either way it can be soul cleansing.


dance in the rain

2. Let it Go! We all know the frozen song by now....probably. But there is much to be learned from this Ice Princess. Whatever has been eating at you, driving you nuts, making you cranky, just let it go. Sometimes the best satisfaction is when we can release and clear that energy and just move on. Easier said than done and if you need some assistance we have a ton of energy clearing people on just send us an email and we can recommend several.


let it go frozen

3. Dance it Out! If you have seen any of the major dramas on ABC, NBC, CBS, etc... you've seen all of these characters having dance parties. The one that comes to mind is Meredith Grey and Christina Yang on Grey's Anatomy. In their case there may be tequilla involved but you can also just turn on your favorite tune and start dancing like nobody is watching because there is probably nobody watching and it is going to feel AMAZING. #Bonus you get your body moving and a good workout too!


dance to happiness


4. Laugh Out Loud LOL! Find someone or something that makes you laugh. Go hangout with some friends, or if you are an introvert like some of us go to a funny movie or watch something hilarious on Netflix. Don't just sit in your gloom and watch sad shows and listen to sad ballads. This takes some effort to shake yourself aware of your habit that is contributing to your unhappiness. Laughter has been proven to reduce stress and release anxiety even if it is temporary.


the laughter cure

There are so many more little tid-bits about being happy and you probably have seen blogs who go into crazy detail about them. We wanted to share a couple of easy reminders because when you are in that state of unhappiness all logic goes away and we forget even the most basic of basics. 


Please share with someone who could use a little reminder. Peace & Love your Transformation Talk Radio Team