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The Crystal Coach Show with Anahata: Clarity, Guidance, & Practical Wisdom

Transforming Your Mindset

Why, in order to soothe ourselves, do we get into a cycle of overdoing only to feel such internal pain afterward? How do you overcome guilt, shame, and mental disgust about your body, your relationships, your caree... 

  Monday, May 1, 2023

Host: Anahata Roach

Guest: Kylie Ryan

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Shades of Spirit: Making Sacred Connections Bringing A Shade Of Spirit To You with Psychic Medium Jaime & "Spiritwalker" Nicole

Let's Get Physical.....with mediumship!

Jaime and Nicole kick off Paranormal month by exploring physical mediumship.  They discuss where physical mediumship originated, tools of the trade, and how it is used today.  Jaime and Nicole explain why... 

  Monday, October 5, 2020

Host: Psychic Medium Jaime

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The Tracy L Clark Show: Live Your Extraordinary Life Radio


Have you heard of Tantric? Have you decided you understand it all ? Well let me be the first to tell you many have misinformation about the subject and the connection to God and self. Tantric is not about just sex ... 

  Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Host: Tracy L Clark

Guest: Katrina Bos

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