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Free Fridays with Sara Loos

Free Fridays with Sara Loos

Do you have a burning question or issue? Want helpful advice from Sara? Welcome to FREE Friday Readings. Each Friday, Sara will be answering up to 10 questions submitted here. Get fast, valuable insights and clarity specific to your situation, absolutely free. Sign up here....

the wealthy roots womens circle with kornelia stephanie

Wealthy Roots Women's Circle with Kornelia Stephanie

Join Kornelia in the new earth and embody the words you seek to be. $33 per month - meet bi-weekly with Kornelia on Zoom.

body tune up classes with kornelia stephanie

Practice Living in Wholeness with the Body Tune UP - Kornelia Stephanie

Six Online classes for $89 - designed for radical self healing and self regeneration. Heal the deepest root of any challenge. Live in Your True Authentic Nature!

Float Your Boat Tele shifting calls with colette marie stefan

Float Your Boat Monthly Tele-Shifting Calls with Colette Marie Stefan

Float Your Boat Monthly Tele-Shifting Calls are approximately ninety minutes long and will be recorded for your convenience and listening pleasure. The energetic shifts take place through H.S.N. (Higher Self Network) in real time and are reinforced when listening to the call later. Choose which m...

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