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The Legacy Show with Susan Axelrod

Your Book, My Time, Special Episode (18) with Guest Bert Foreman

This week a Special Episode with guest Bert Foreman as he shares his personal experiences and his thoughts about the hate shooting in Buffalo, NY. A timely and important conversation.  Host Susan Axelr... 

  Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Podcast-Host: Susan Axelrod

Guest: Bertram (Bert) Foreman

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The Legacy Show with Susan Axelrod

our Book, My Time, Episode 4; Guest Amy Conway-Hatcher

In this Podcast, Confidence Coach Susan L. Axelrod invites women authors to step into The Confidence Zone! Stepping in and stepping up to share their story behind the story of their book and offering an opportunity... 

  Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Host: Susan Axelrod

Guest: Amy Conway-Hatcher

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