The Path to Success

The Path to Success

A look into the creative process.


I had an opportunity to work this weekend with Jesica our executive producer completely outlining and then revamping our process from sales, pre-production, live production, and post production. I often ask the quesiton "What else is possible?". It is so fullfilling to work in an environment that is thriving, and I want to keep my team engaged, creative, and successful. 


My background is in organizational consulting, though often times the focus is outward on our clients rather than inward on our own organization. I am happy to report that we came out of our Sunday morning meeting with some amazing ideas on how to implement new processes. I also had Jesica write a list of "key" items I want to make sure are highlighted during the entire process. 


I wanted to share some of those with you all because I think they are very important within any team or organization. In no particular order:


1. Creative input from each team member

2. Excellent customer service

3. Communication between team

4. Rewarding team for accomplishments and successes

5. Efficiency of opperations - evaluate this on a regular basis

6. Respect for clients and each team member

7. Accuracy

8. Create a WOW factor in all that we produce

9. Create opportunities to learn and improve skills 

10. Expansion mindset of what else is possible


These are just a few of the main objectives that we will take into every single aspect of what we do. We are super excited about all the things to come from this including new websites, launching two AMAZING crowdfunding campaigns, and the release of our technology that is going to transform the way we deliver and recieve the content we are creating.