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Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: What's Really Behind the Low Oil Prices? Is it Russia, Saudi Arabia, or Simple Market Conditions?

  12/15/2014  12:00 pm PDT

Gasoline prices have been in free-fall with some states in the U.S. landing under $2 a gallon. This is a boom for consumers and for many businesses. But for the oil industry, it is not good news. Most companies are highly leveraged and cannot absorb the record low prices. This episode, we bring on Rons Dixon, founder of 

He gives us insight into what is really going on with oil from both a pure economic perspective and a geo politically perspective. You can reach Mr. Dixon and his team at our gear up for 2015 segment, this episode features TechBarn CEO and Founder John Uppgren. He explains what data centered marketing is and how his company can use this approach to dramatically improve your business and your bottomline. You can reach Mr. Uppgren at or at 651-275-8311. 

Lastly, I discuss my energy project in more detail. If you have not received your quote yet, contact Chris Alhquist at TruNorth Solar today to get your free $50 Restaurant card and to learn how solar can really help you financially. You can reach him at


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