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Hearts Center Talk Radio with Host David Christopher Lewis: Penny Vernet Translates 20th Century Master Omraam Mikhal Avanhov's Quintessential Teachings

  08/13/2014  09:00 am PDT

Penny tells of her spiritual impressions as an English translator for many of the over 5000 published works of the 20th Century Master Omraam Mikhal Avanhov. Penny embraces Omraam's teachings as being profoundly coherent and connected for our time; and she describes him as very practical for humanity as it is today. She explains the master's emphasis on Light as the source of all material creation and Omraam's practice of surya yoga, for identifying with the sun's cosmic frequencies and spiritual quintessences. And she shares stories from his living disciples for whom the centerpiece of Omraam's teaching is to become a Sun, and let this polestar of one's own being emanate rays of divine intelligence, love, creativity, beauty, harmony and peace to shape the coming solar civilization.


David Christopher Lewis

Hearts Center Talk Radio with David Christopher Lewis Wednesdays 9am pacific 12pm easternThe Hearts Center is a worldwide community of heartfriends co-creating a new solar ...

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Penelope Vernet

Penelope Vernet is a devotee of Omraam Mikhael Aiavanhov. For most of her life, Penelope has looked for a deep and meaningful spiritual teaching and path. While searching, s...

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