Silver Gaia Radio with Dr. Brie Gibbs - The Goddess Emergence: Hear Master Teacher Judy Cali as she brings through Adama "The High Priest of Telos"

  01/12/2017  01:00 pm PDT

Telos was created from the Lost Continent of Lemuria. The Telosians have been living underground for the past 12,000 years. They have created a civilization of Peace & Abundance, with no sickness, ageing or death. You will hear profound information to assist you to Remember Who You Are & how to live in a 5th Dimensional Sacred Heart Centered Frequency of Love, as they do. You may not realize it but you go visit Telos in your sleepstate & visit with this part of your Spiritual Family quite often. Judy will share various details about living inside the Earth & also about the Telosians themselves & what their gift is to those living on the surfae of Planet Earth. Judy will also channel a message from High Priest Adama & any others who may show up with a message. Come & feel yourself embraced in joy as you come Home to your Lemurian Telosian Family & live with a Smile in your Heart from this day forward.


Dr. Brie Gibbs - Goddess Emergence

Dr. Brie Gibbs

Every Thursday at 3pm pt / 6pm et  - Starting February7th! The Dr. Brie Show - The Goddess Emergence™  Join Dr. Brie and Master Teachers for inspiration and ...

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 Judy  Cali

Judy Cali

Judy Cali has been doing Intuitive Healing work with The Ascended Masters & Angels since the age of 3.  She was asked by, Hilarion, the Ascended Master of Healing o...

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