The Kornelia Stephanie Show: From not good enough to enough with Kornelia Stephanie. Call in 1 800 930 2819 TALK RADIO I AM Worthy.

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: From not good enough to enough with Kornelia Stephanie. Call in 1 800 930 2819 TALK RADIO I AM Worthy.

  06/29/2018  12:00 pm PST

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: From not good enough to enough with Kornelia Stephanie. Call in 1 800 930 2819 TALK RADIO I AM Worthy.

In this evolutionary time, you are in you may be feeling insecure about

shining your light, about speaking your truth and standing up for yourself
as good enough. Maybe there is someone in your life that is triggering in you a low self-worth. Now is the time for you to become aware of this old karmic wound and clear this pattern today.
Call in 1 800 930 2819 TALK RADIO I will assist you in claiming your value today.
You are Born worthy!

You, you, you are deserving of everything life has to offer… the sweetest, most beautiful life… it’s yours. A child, who is 6 days, 6 months, 6 years, 16 years, 36 years, 56 years, 76 years, 106 years old — a very wise child — is a child of God. Each child from the day it is born, is born worthy. A baby that is 6 days old has not achieved any big thing in the world, has not gotten a promotion at a job, earned a degree from collage, or made any money. This child is nevertheless deserving of all the good things life has to offer, is deserving of respect, and has tremendous value as a human being in this body, breathing life into each cell.

This child is deserving and worthy beyond measure, at 6 days old, or 106 years old… and so are YOU.

You are no different.

You are ONLY ever releasing negative feelings of not feeling good enough. Not feeling good enough, are the feelings that are attached to a core emotional wound of Unworthy — with a matching belief that says, “I am not worthy.”

Feeling unworthy (not good enough), will have you making choices that keep that belief, and that core wound active, until you are ready to claim the opposite of this contrast. You will continue to attract to you situations, experiences, people and events that validate to you, your belief of not feeling worthy.

You are only ever releasing negative feelings of not feeling good enough, good enough for what? Release the feelings of not good enough through every experience, and claim your truth. You where born, Worthy, and YOU are.

If you you are reading this or listening to this MP3, you are now being presented with a perfect timely opportunity to claiming your worth, your truth. We do this through making choices that are congruent with a belief that says, “I am worthy, I feel worthy, I choose and I deserve the best,” and then having experiences that reflect that to you. People you are in relationships with, your work, your friendships, and your personal relationships are mirroring this back to you.

Because you are the only person that can deem yourself worthy (or not). If you already know how amazingly, deliciously worthy you are — congratulations — you are making choices that reflect feeling good, experiencing all that life has to offer you, and knowing how deserving you are of it. Every person or being that is with you in your energy sees and feels that about you. You model self-respect, and you are clear on what you value. YOU value YOU. You deem yourself worthy.

As you go through this week, we are reaching for the sun, the moon, and the starts in all we do. Allow all of the lower feelings to come to the surface and release them, so that you can be your truth: I am Worthy — I know I AM. Share with us in the membership what is shifting for you, and how this is showing up for you. Life will support you with the perfect experiences to claim this truth.

You deserve respect. Do you choose to claim the greatest opportunities that life has to offer you?
Go ahead… you deserve it. The world is waiting for your love. Only you can deem yourself worthy, or not worthy.


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