The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Truth Bombs and Coffee Episode 2 with Kornelia Stephanie and Dr. Brook

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Truth Bombs and Coffee Episode 2 with Kornelia Stephanie and Dr. Brook

  08/17/2021  05:00 am PDT

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Truth Bombs and Coffee Episode 2 with Kornelia Stephanie and Dr. BrookTruth Bombs and Coffee with Kornelia Stephanie and Dr. Brook Sheehan


How would you handle it?

00.35 It's July 22nd Stepping into our Mastery. Not to give our power away to the outside world. To claim the power ourselves.

01.09 Getting the third Chakra activated and open

02.04 The Body Talks Podcast with Dr.Brook on YouTube. Subscribe

05.58 Kornelia moving into an anti-aging vitality

7.32 The chemical warfare of Covid aka Cauliflower

8.52 Kornelia's book 'Peace' published in 2014. How Kornelia healed her body and her life with the power of emotions

11.15 We hope to peel back the layers and show you what you may not have been seeing through mainstream media

11.48 Why Kornelia started the Kornelia Stephanie Media Group to empower entrepreneurs and coaches, therapists and healers so you can share your wisdom and gifts to help people build an enlightened society

12.53 Find all episodes on Kornelia Stephanie Media Group YouTube Channel. Please subscribe and share this video 14.28. What is the definition of Conspiracy? A secret plan by a group to do something harmful

21.09 TRUTH BOMB!!! (Play clip) Listen with an open mind and know that this man has nothing to gain and think about why this is not being shown on the mainstream media

29.09 Intuitively when you are listening to your own internal guidance

29.51 Where are you being guided?

30.18. It's ok to forgive yourself and say. I didn't realize and I'm not going to do this anymore

32.13 Become a beacon of light for another person who might be on the fence

32.46. In order to have a strong immune system you have to feel good in your body

34.59. The fallacy of the medical profession is that a lot of people think that they don't have the power to do for themselves and they look at a white coat to give them the answers

36.58 When this 'v' came out Kornelia said to her body "we will not be a host for this party"

40.35 Good News ! A lot of people are awake and not going back to that

41.59. If you are a professional and want talk about these topics and join in contact Brook or Kornelia on social media or email [email protected]

44.19. Very detrimental for children with developing minds to have this fear around them. Brook is passionate to help parents with this 47.08 Let us know what you thought of the video and reach out to Kornelia and Brook


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