Guest Profile

Bonnie Christina Ross

Bonnie Christina Ross is a Psycho-spiritual Therapist in private practice as well as a teacher of Spiritual and Personal Development Programs. As a Spiritual Psychotherapy and Spiritual Director graduate from the Transformational Arts College, Toronto,she impacts many through her personal services and group programs. Bonnie's 20 years of experience as a former Child & Youth Counselor in public education and treatment settings provides as strong foundation in this wellness profession.

Bonnie is also a gifted Psychic consultant and guides many in her thriving practice. One of Bonnie's passions is in teaching intuition development skills and her courses are very popular. As a Professional Musician and award-winning Drum Circle Facilitator, she incorporates the healing power of the drum in exciting retreats, group work, and community events for adults and children. She is also a Reiki Master and Sound Practitioner. Bonnie is also very passionate about hosting her radio show Divine Light Within which embraces the incredible potential of the human spirit.

You can visit for more information about her show.