Guest Profile

Carol Barbeau

From birth Carol has been connected into the energies of the earth from a spiritual basis. Spirituality being what we do daily, not just what we do on Sunday.

Carols purpose this lifetime is to assist others to help themselves grow and change. As a child on a farm in Kansas, her intuitive abilities were being developed at an early age. She spent time with a local veterinarian understanding how to work with nature.

At 14, Carol began a healthcare career, interlaced with alternative healing techniques, and in 1963, she began studying with Marilyn Holder in Raleigh, North Carolina and to hone her skills as an astrologer.

Carol prides herself on being a student of life, and as such, they have continued through this day. She is a counselor, minister, Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP counselor, Time Line TherapyR practitioner, Hypnotherapist, as well as teaching tarot, numerology, meditation, and astrology.

Carols studies have always had one goal: assisting others to live a happier life. The timing of nature and astrology work so closely together that the flow of our lives can truly be reflected in the flow of the stars and planets. Her belief that NOTHING IS STRONGER than FREE will is also supported by the belief that we can more easily flow WITH the tides than against them.