Guest Profile

Carolyn Kalil

Carolyn Kalil, MA, is an internationally recognized author of the best selling book, Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love. As a speaker, counselor, coach, and author, she inspires people to discover and utilize their God-given potential. She uses the True Colors System to help others identify and understand who they are and the natural gifts they came here to give.

Carolyn's compassion for others comes from her own personal struggles with low self-esteem and self identity issues as a youth and young adult. She spent most of her life thinking there was something wrong with her. The strong desire for understanding led her to answers 25 years ago and today her life mission is to help others discover who they are and their real purpose in life.

For over 30 years, Carolyn was a university and college counselor where she helped students find direction in their lives. She retired 5 years ago. She has been published over 4 times and today she continues to inspire others world wide by doing what she came here to do.

She earned her BA degree in Elementary Teaching in 1970 and her MA in Counseling in 1973 from Ohio State University. She taught elementary school for 2 years in South Central Los Angeles before beginning her 30 year counseling career at UCLA and El Camino College. She lives in Southern California with her family.