Guest Profile

Charmaine Lee

Charmaine Lee is an Entrepreneur and Visionary, inspirational Public Speaker, and Transitional Coach. She is the owner of a Private Franchise Business. She is the President and Co-founder of Foundation For Insight, LLC committed to an evolution of human souls. She is steadfast in a cause to create a planetary consciousness for a synergistic flow among all that exists.

Charmaine Lee is a Master Practitioner certified in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Mental and Emotional Release. She is unmistakable knowingness about human behavioral instincts and relationships. She has made it her life's mission because of the personal experiences of abuse. Her research has taken her on this passage to achieve more than just an understanding. She has merely taken steps to the next advance. This is the wholeness of SELF through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual poise.

Charmaine Lee is an ordained OverLight Metaphysician, OverLight Facilitator for several Lightworker modalities; and with a Doctorate of Metaphysics practicing in the field of Energy Medicine and Holistic practices.

Charmaine Lee is the Lightworker Director of the Council of Lightworker Metaphysicians, Reiki Master, and Light Dimension Master Healer. Definition of a healer:"A person who creates space in which others feel comfortable enough to heal or change themselves."

Charmaine Lee has been in the Wellness Industry for eight years: applications called Fluid Management using the LymphStar Pro and NeuroIntegration Therapy optimizing brain waves.

Her additional training/experience includes: Conflict Resolution; Peer Counseling; Trauma Intervention TIP volunteer, Community Relations as a non-commissioned employee of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department; Basic Manager of PSI Seminars a personal/professional growth company; YMCA of Southern Nevada providing after school services, leadership programs for high risk youth, and family transition services.