Guest Profile

Cheryl Angela

Cheryl Angela is a transformational life and business coach, energy healer and therapeutic harpist. Her clients affectionately call her "The Frequency Transformer" and "the Angel of Music." She is passionate about helping others to awaken and live at their full potential, power and purpose by tapping into their innate Divine nature and inherent gifts and talents. She works with the Angelic realms as an instrument and assists her clients to create a deep, working partnership with Source and their own inner team of spiritual teachers.

Her unique coaching program Transform Your Frequency, Transform Your Life TM is a breakthrough way to transform your life and business. Cheryl utilizes life coaching and business tools with energy and sound healing and an incredible energy management system that teaches you how to manage your energy, plug into these higher frequencies and progressively keep shifting your lower frequencies and limiting beliefs so you can recreate and transform any area of your life.

Cheryl teaches that each one of us have our own resonance and core frequency that is like our homing note or key. In her therapeutic harp sessions, Cheryl identifies each person's core resonance then plays and records music specific for that person in their unique resonance and key, balancing and harmonizing their chakra system and bringing them home to themselves and their true essence.

Cheryl says: "Just as everyone has their own unique resonance and vibration, each person's 'Song' is the message, the gift, the energy that they are meant to bring to the world. This is the 'Song' that is all of the essence of YOU and all that you represent in your authentic being, that only you can soundthe life purpose that only you can live. Setting your heart and soul free to BE your song and let your gift sound through you, is my purpose and passion."

In addition to her one on one work, Cheryl conducts group sound healing journeys and concerts. Her album, A Sacred Journey, is a healing musical journey through each of the seven chakras. Her music has been described as "breathtakingly beautiful," "mesmerizing," "touching the deepest center of the heart and soul," and "music from the Angels."

Cheryl was born to Irish parents and grew up in England. She was a highly intuitive child, aware of inner worlds and had an innate healing ability and started helping others heal and transform their lives as a young teenager. Her desire to penetrate the deeper meanings of life and serve others compassionately has led her to pursue meditation, yoga, quantum physics, philosophy, psychology, reiki and many forms of energy healing.

Cheryl currently lives in San Diego, CA with her son, Colum. Her coaching and healing practice extends around the globe with clients in many countries. You can learn more about Cheryl and connect with her through her website: