Guest Profile

Cynthia Stadd

As a pioneering coach, speaker and founder of Eat Empowered, LLC, Cynthia has ignited permanent weight and health transformations for hundreds by helping them change their relationship with food, their bodies and themselves.  

“How you do FOOD is how you do… YOU,” says Cynthia, as she uses her vast expertise in Holistic Nutrition, Eating Psychology and Empowerment Coaching to motivate and ignite chuckles from her clients and worldwide audiences.  

Cynthia’s approach is grounded in personal experience, developed in response to her own struggles with weight, compulsive eating and chronic health concerns.  

Cynthia works immersively with women and men in her Eat Empowered L.I.F.E 4-Month Private Coaching Intensive and teaches her signature process both in the U.S. and abroad.  She loves to engage with her students in her signature online program, End Your Food War: Reclaim Your Weight, Health & Peace.    Https://