Guest Profile

David Price

I have been a Certified Professional Life Coach for more than five years.

I created and continue to lead a successful, life-changing Coaching Group that has helped dozens of Clients achieve goals they desired but never believed were possible for them.


My Coaching is based on the knowledge and tools that worked for me.

For most of my life, I was angry, down on myself, seriously overweight (over 100 lbs), mediocre (at best) at everything I did, and completely miserable with every aspect of my life.


But when I began to learn the power of personal responsibility and empowering thoughts and words, my life completely transformed.


Today, I live a life I love and teach others how to do the same.


I have been married for nearly 30 years and am the proud father of three children and a grandfather, as well.


In addition to Life Coaching, I have been a minister for over 30 years (and counting); coached multiple sports over a span of four decades; and taught high school for the last three years.