Guest Profile

Deborah Wood

Deborah has had a colorful journey that has led her to this beautiful and powerful purpose and to allow her to be a compassionate and profound Master of Mindfulness & Awareness Teachings... that has enabled her in supporting thousands of minds to be their own leader of life and create truly meaningful lasting transformations and heightened self awareness. 

Deborah with her amazing team hosts specialized set of retreats, webinars, courses,  workshops and 1-1 coaching and Teaching across the globe.  The prime focus to put it simply in every single endeavor has been to help every  mind realise that they are their leaders and to support them to shun being a follower. 

"To not only survive.. not even just live.. but to truly lead oneself" is her motto to herself and all her students and coachees and anyone whose life she has touched with her unique way of Sharing, Teaching, pushing the mind higher and enabling human existence to its true infinite nature. 

She is the Co-Founder of "Ask Life Clarity" with a very strong purpose of enabling humanity to be more self aware and shine their infinite light and learn to grow to evolve collectively.. as one.

 It is seen that supporting one in gaining happiness, abundance and meaningfulness while  moving away from any limiting energies and emotions has been her biggest strength.  Solutions are like a given and she takes one to self discovery realisation and awareness with such ease and care. She is a direct learner under Shri KriShiv AnantaGuru and has been certified to be an true Master of Mindful Awareness Teachings, Master Grief Therapist, Master Mind Coach, Master Stress & Anxiety Therapist, Master Trauma Release Therapist, Expert Energy Body Healer, Master Tibetan Pulsing Therapist and Reiki Master. Her proudest achievement is the recognition by her teacher that she is a True Learner and she lives this every minute of her existence.