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Guest Profile

Denise Wade

Denise Wade Ph.D. CMRC is a Dating Mentor, Transformational Educator, Author, Researcher, and Relationship Expert. She has studied biological anthropology, the effects of family of origin, The Relationship Blueprint, and the psychology of relationships.

Recently Denise completed a two year study, involving two thousand men and women on love, bio chemical addictions, attachment styles, and The Twelve Basic Emotional Needs. With her extraordinary findings she founded The Relationship Blueprint and The Five Relationship Triggers. All three are tools designed to powerfully shift unconscious relational blueprints and transform participants out of their relational comfort zones that do not serve them anymore, through live one on one coaching sessions and breakthrough workshops.

Denise is author of the free downloadable eBook, Help, My Partner Is Impossible With her unique approach Denise empowers, teaches, and inspires men and women to release emotional baggage, heal past pains, identify unhealthy relationship patterns and triggers, and be seen and heard in all their relationships. She is passionate about helping singles and couples create deep intimacy and long lasting relationships by first understanding themselves and their emotional needs and then understanding the unique needs of their partner.

Denise is co author of the transformational anthology Pebbles in the Pond May 2011. She personally transformed her own life twenty five years ago after being "stuck" in an unloving, abusive relationship. She is now married to her soulmate and best friend. Denise, her wonderful children, and all their animals live in Philadelphia.