Guest Profile

Dr. Liz DuBois PhD, CDC

Dr. Liz DuBois (PhD, Conflict Resolution, MA, Sociology) is a soul-centered executive coach. Through one-on-one coaching, public speaking, and publications, she helps clients establish a deep relationship with their own inner knowing and inner truth of how it is that they are here to change the world. From the space, her clients have gone on to establish million-dollar+ businesses, be featured in publications including Bustle and Forbes, sell tens of thousands of dollars of products and programs within hours of their first sessions, and go on to be profoundly transformative world-changing leaders. 

Over the course of her career, Dr. DuBois has served in executive leadership of numerous NGOs and has been a consultant to organizations including UNICEF and USAID on a range of issues related to educational equity, gender-based violence, and women’s empowerment. Between 2016 and 2018, Elizabeth was instrumental in the passage of three pieces of legislation related to education and civil rights in Maryland. In 2017, Elizabeth played a key role coalescing community advocates to secure an unprecedented $100M commitment from state and local legislators to fund a massive budget gap that jeopardized over 1,000 teacher jobs within Baltimore City Public Schools. 

Dr. DuBois is a co-founder of the Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict at George Mason University, where she served as the founding Executive Director from 2013-2015. Now in its ninth year, the Center has spurred research and dialogue on gender-based violence in countries across the globe through events, conferences, and courses. Dr. DuBois has conducted her own research on gender-based violence in the U.S., Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Russian Federation. She was a US Department of Education Fellow at the Faculty of Sociology at National Research University— Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia in 2012. 


Dr. DuBois’ work has been published in numerous trade outlets, as well as peer-reviewed publications including Advances in Gender Research, Empowerment in Practice: Strategies and Outcomes, and Women’s Political Leadership Monograph. Her book, Dear White Parents: Uncomfortable Reflections on Race, Parenting, and Privilege, will be available at Politics and Prose in spring 2022.