Guest Profile

Dr. Loretta Billoups

Dr. Loretta Billoups is a clinician, and relationship and mental health coach. She obtained a master's degree in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University and received her doctorate in Applied Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In her previous career, she was employed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department as a Deputy Sheriff for almost twelve years. While working as a Deputy Sheriff, she worked in the Los Angeles county jails and various courts as a Bailiff. She is certified in anger management, crisis intervention, and as a certified clinical trauma professional. It is her life experiences, education, career choices, and eagerness to assist others that have led her to become both a clinician and transformational coach.

Dr. Billoups has been trained in many modalities and due to this, she has treated depression, psychosis, anxiety, mood disorders, many variations of trauma, and a host of other mental illnesses. As a coach, she works with clients who are seeking clarity in their relationships and their mental health. She assists both individuals and couples with reaching their highest potential. She holds her clients accountable so that their deepest desires and aspirations can be a reality.

When she is not working with clients, she spends quality time with her family and enjoys a casual walk on the beach.

Favorite Quote: “Work for a cause not for an applause, live life to express and not to impress” Author Unknown