Guest Profile

Dr. Michelle Patrick

Dr. Michelle Patrick is at the forefront of a self-mastery revolution, combining her profound expertise as a clinical doctor of Chinese and Naturopathic Medicine with a robust foundation in biomedical sciences. Her approach transcends conventional medical practices by advocating for a holistic view of health, where the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions are harmoniously aligned for optimal self-healing. Beyond her clinical excellence, Dr. Patrick is an esteemed clinical researcher and lecturer, contributing her insights to some of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions. As the Head of Education for LUMIVITAE, she is pioneering educational strategies that foster empowerment, self-awareness, and profound healing.


Dr. Patrick’s methodology is revolutionary; it redefines the patient's role in the healing process, encouraging an empowered stance toward radical self-realization and mastery. Through her clinical practice and educational endeavors, she administers treatments and constructs a framework that enables individuals to actively participate in their journey towards health and well-being. This empowerment extends to her teachings, where she promotes self-observation and self-actualization, viewing the human form through a poetic and philosophical lens. Dr. Patrick reignites a sense of wonder in the human body's capabilities, advocating for a model of health that inspires self-love and a deep, intuitive connection with one's inner physician.

Her vision is a clarion call to transform traditional educational paradigms, which often alienate the individual from their innate healing potential. Through her innovative approach to self-mastery, Dr. Michelle Patrick is not just altering the lives of her patients; she is inspiring a global shift towards a more empowered, conscious, and health-centric society.