Guest Profile

Dr. Susan Allison

Dr. Susan Allison is a transpersonal psychologist, process therapist, shamanic practitioner, energy healer, ordained minister and the award-winning author of five books. Her first non-fiction text, Conscious Divorce, Ending a Marriage with Integrity was published by Random House and has helped thousands heal their hearts and move on with greater awareness and peace. Her companion poetry book, Breathing Room, the Leaving of a Marriage, assists readers to feel the emotions during the grieving process of separation and divorce, and feel hope that they can begin a new life. Her next non-fiction book Empowered Healer, Gain the Confidence, Power and Ability to Heal Yourself, gives readers the four steps to miraculous self-healing, based on the author's twenty years of research and practice. A newly released poetry book, Our Spirits Dance, Poetry of Soul Mates, shares the love poems of the author and her husband, Thomas Hickenbottom, over their nineteen years together, until his transition in 2013. This book is Dr. Allison's most personal one yet, and offers readers the beauty of soul-mated love, with the poems speaking across the page like love letters being exchanged. A new non-fiction book You Don't Have To Die To Go to Heaven, Visit Spirit Realms, Gain Insight and Enrich Your Life, is due out in the fall of 2015 with Red Wheel/Weiser/Hampton Roads Publishing.

Dr. Allison has also been honored as a "Woman of the Year" in California for her work with adolescents, has received several outstanding teaching awards, has been published dozens of times in journals and magazines and has won a prose award for her short story Mated Ones.

Dr. Allison works with clients and groups in private practice as well as doing phone sessions with individuals all over the world. She has been a radio host of the popular show "Empowered Healer," with 14,000 listeners, and has been a guest on over fifty shows, sharing her empowered healer method, her poetry and most recently, her ability to spirit travel to other dimensions and help listeners overcome their fear of death and visit departed loved ones. When she is not seeing clients, writing or speaking, she enjoys a joyful life by the sea in Santa Cruz, California.