Guest Profile

Eva Cristina Calderon

I was born in Mexico City and moved to Oregon in 2001. Understanding humans and our potential has always inspired my curiosity and has been my life long passion. Experiencing a tumultuous divorce in 2015 led me to go even deeper into my pursuit of understanding human emotions at all levels of highs and lows. In this endless pursuit I have uncovered some deep truths that have helped me heal, understand and cultivate great compassion.
Along my journey I have trained and practiced unceasingly, using tools that range from the scientific to the mystical, finding fascinating evidence of positive results in myself as in my clients. 
I am a Heartmath Certified coach and this system is what I use as the foundation of my practice. This system is based on scientific research of the the heart and brain connection. The techniques help us self regulate stress and tap into our hearts intelligence and intuitive guidance to brining out the best version of ourselves. I complement my coaching practice with the EFT Tapping method, Reiki & energy physiology.
I strongly believe that all humans were meant to thrive and have the ability to create natural habitual practices that are beneficial for our optimal mental, emotional and physical health.
Currently my daughters and I live in Lake Oswego, Oregon and we love staying active with our community & parish. I graduated from the University of Baja California with a Bachelors in International Relations. I enjoy jogging, golfing, dancing and having an adventurous spirit!