Guest Profile

Fletcher Cleaves

Fletcher Cleaves was involved in a tragic car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down due to a driver suspected of texting while behind the wheel. This traumatic incident caused him to lose his football scholarship but with faith, perseverance, and a year of intense physical therapy, he re-enrolled in school and graduated from The University of Memphis with a degree in Computer Science. Now as a professional motivational speaker, Fletcher has shared his testimony of overcoming adversity, safe driving, importance of education, and faith base living with ESPN, College Game-Day, and to over 300 high schools, colleges, and business.  Fletcher is also a world traveler obtaining the nickname “The Wheelchair Nomad”. He travels to many countries living life to the fullest while also bringing awareness to accessibility issues in the travel industry.

To many, his accident seemed like the end of a young man’s promising future, but on the contrary, it became the prologue to his destiny.