Guest Profile

Gary Zeune

Using 35 years of experience in auditing, corporate finance, and investment banking, Gary D. Zeune, CPA, provides CPAs, attorneys and executives with hands-on experience in fraud and corporate strategy performance improvement.

Gary Zeune is also widely published. He has published more than 40 professional articles and is the author of The CEO's Complete Guide to Committing Fraud and Outside the Box Performance. He has been a member of the Editorial Advisory Boards of the Journal of Working Capital Management and The Ohio CPA Journal.

For Deloitte & Touche, he authored Financing Business Growth and has completed the first draft of The Complete Guide to Buying or Selling a Closely Held Business, two books in the firm's Entrepreneurial Series. He has authored chapters for two books published by Warren Gorham Lamont, the world's largest financial publisher: Accessing the Capital Markets and Options for Raising Capital.

Mr. Zeune has the ONLY speaker's bureau in the country specializing in white-collar criminals - The Pros & The Cons. Mr. Zeune's speakers tell their stories of how and why they committed their crimes. Their frauds range from 70,000 to 350 million. Speakers include CPAs, politicians, attorneys, and business people.