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Animal Soul Wisdom Radio: Tapping into the Wisdom of Our Animals, Angels and Masters with Darcy Pariso : Amanda Giese, star of Animal Planet’s Amanda to the Rescue and Founder of Panda Paws Rescue!

Guest Profile

Gerry Gavin

For over twenty years, Gerry Gavin has been working as a communication and empowerment specialist, helping individuals to reach their full potential by teaching them how to listen to their body, mind, and spirit. He does this through a combination of modern-day alternative therapeutic techniques and ancient shamanic practices.

He is a workshop facilitator, speaker, life coach, medium, and creator of the very successful Angels & Shamans workshop, which puts participants in direct communication with their angels and guides. His new book, Messages from Margaret, is available through Hay House and Amazon.

Gerry lives on a small horse farm in New Jersey, with Gail, David,
Wyatt, Annie, and about thirty other wonderful farm critters.


Darcy Pariso