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Hiromi Dipboye

Hiromi Dipboye is the owner of Foryu Furnishings, a consignment store which specializes fine quality home furnishings in Bellevue WA. Hiromi had no business experience, no training in business or interior design, and no retail experience when she took over the 20-year-old business three years ago. Hiromi was born in Japan, and came to the U.S. in 1988. Hiromi's background includes: Japanese language/culture teaching, counseling and consulting cultural adjustment issues among foreign students and sojourners in the U.S. She holds master degrees in social work, human development and family studies from University of Illinois. Hiromi is married with Keith, has two teen age children, Nina and Kye. She enjoys playing the piano which she started at age 40, meditative walking in woods, practicing yoga,and cooking.