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Jacqueline Conquest

Jacqueline 'Eagle Wolf Heart' Conquest, MA. LMHC. CCH, is a Transpersonal Therapist and Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist as well as a licensed mental health counselor with over 30 years of professional practice. A "Visionary" in mind, body, spirit, and energy medicine. As a psychic medium, she is a gifted animal communicator, spiritual healer, metaphysician, ordained minister, earth steward, animal rights activist, environmentalist, past life regressionist, dream and metaphor interpreter. Additionally, she does spirit releasement, and cleansing destructive thinking and releasing of negative thought forms and energy.

Jacqueline has integrated her spiritual knowledge and abilities into her clinical practice and weaved the understanding of The "Laws of Attraction," helping client's learn how we vibrationally attract and create our reality. Her expertise and understanding in the soul lessons, karma, akashic records, dream interpretation, and the "Shift" 2012 is part of her psychic metaphysical gifts to enlighten and awaken one within their evolvement and understanding of the self, and "why" we are here during this exciting time of Ascension.