Guest Profile

Jacqueline Green

Jacqueline Green, BA, was born in the US, and grew up in Canada. Prior to having children, Jacqueline worked as a communications professional, with one career highlight being her time as the Executive Assistant to the Minister of Public works in the Alberta Legislature. She was delighted to quit her full-time position to have children at 30. Soon though her dreams of family bliss turned into a nightmare of overwhelm as she faced her own serious issues that got in the way of being the parent she wanted to be, from post-partum depression and anxiety, to anger and debilitating perfectionism.

Her message is one of profound hope based on her own personal transformation. She knows from her experience that no matter where you are at now, you can transform your parenting, and use the ensuing challenges to become an even happier, more successful person in every way For over 12 years, Jacqueline has been a parenting coach, writer and educator. In 2010, she created the Great Parenting Show. Since then, she's interviewed over 100 parenting-related experts, which includes Dr. John Gray, Dr. Michele Borba, Dr. Robert Holden, Lisa Nichols, Marie Diamond, Neale Donald Walsh, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Mark Victor Hansen, and Hal Runkel, on almost every possible parenting topic The GPS online community has an international audience of tens of thousands of parents, all committed to getting the support and information they need to be the best parent possible, while enjoying the journey. Jacqueline has been interviewed by national newspapers and magazines, as well as on major radio and tv. As well, she has had the privilege to work with and learn from many of the top parenting educators in the world. Her mission is to help millions of parents by helping them to find the right expert for their unique parenting situation.