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Guest Profile

Jeffrey Wands

Psychic Medium Jeffrey A. Wands, is the author of Knock and the Door Will Open, Another Door Opens and The Psychic in You, appears frequently on national television including Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Today Show, Maury, and A&Es Mediums: We See Dead People. In addition to hosting his own weekly radio program, Psychic Sundays, on Long Islands WALK 97.5 FM, Jeffrey is a popular guest on radio programs across the country, including the ever popular Coast to Coast with George Noory/Art Bell and The Alan Colmes Show, among others. He has a worldwide client/fan base consisting of men and women from every walk of life.

His flourishing psychic practice regularly has a waiting list of up to a year for a reading, his personal appearances and gallery shows, are always sold-out events.


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