Guest Profile

Jen Ripa

I’m Jen Ripa, a master life coach, yoga instructor, essential oil educator, artist, author, and energy healer. My gift is helping people to understand the underlying patterns and dynamics in their lives which keep them stuck in cyclical behaviors. In yoga, these are called samskaras and refer to habituated behavior that is directed by the ego-self rather than the higher self. These patterns can create obstacles to being present inhibiting the potential for growth, freedom, joy and transformation.

Recently, I lost one of my four sons to cancer. He was a most beautiful and amazing boy of sixteen. Confronting this loss and creating joy and meaning in my life again has been the most difficult experience of my life so far. It is my hope and most sincere intention that the strength and steadiness I have gained through this will help you through the difficulties and challenges you are facing.

Jen is the CEO and founder of Thrivologie, a company centered around creativity and wellness, intuitive counseling, and mindfulness.

My coaching style is nurturing and supportive while challenging you to seek the truth of the situations in your life. My yoga teaching style blends Kundalini, Vinyasa and Viniyoga traditions, and focuses on gentle movement, meditation, and relaxation. My essential oil classes are designed to help you become an experienced essential oil user and to be a healer in your own home. My energy healing combines reiki, gong sound therapy, and shamanic practices. The intention of all of these is to support you in releasing patterns and tension at the cellular level.

We are all here for a short time on earth and each of us has a beautiful song to sing. It will be my delight to support you in connecting with your inner song and expressing it more clearly, boldly, and beautifully.