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Jim Fannin

Jim Fannin is America’s ZoneCoach®, coaching more champions in sports, business and life than anyone on earth for over 47 years. As one of the world’s foremost thought leaders, he is more than a life, business or sports coach. He is a "change your life" coach. With the ONLY proven blueprint for attracting the Zone mindset, Jim has helped transform millions of people's lives by providing proven tools and techniques to create simplicity, balance and abundance.


Jim has coached more champions in life, business, and sports than anyone on earth. More than a “life” coach,” Jim Fannin is a “change your life” coach. His proven Zone Blueprint™ EMPOWERS you to SWIFTLY become your genuine, authentic best self. Jim has guided the careers of the world’s best professional athletes from over 20 sports and business executives from 50 industries for more than 50 In addition, he has coached individuals, families, relationships, and students in simplifying and balancing their lives.

In 1974 Jim Fannin discovered five markers for “thinking like a champion” and attracting the peak performance mindset called the Zone in all aspects of life, business and sports. They are Self-discipline, Concentration, Optimism, Relaxation and Enjoyment. Collectively they form the acronym S.C.O.R.E.®, which is the cornerstone of Jim’s teaching that unlocks one’s full potential.

With proprietary research on intuition, visualization and self-awareness, Jim customized his S.C.O.R.E.® Success System with its powerful 90-Second Rule™ tools and techniques for the world’s elite athletes, top executives, business owners, couples, parents, and students.

Currently, Mr. Fannin has licensed his S.C.O.R.E.® Success System to Recovery Zone Solutions, LLC, an alcohol and opioid addiction treatment program that has disrupted their failed industry by achieving an 80% long-term recovery rate, as opposed to the industry’s paltry 7-14% success rate.

Mr. Fannin is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, premier platform speaker, life strategist, former professional tennis player and coach, educator, business consultant, TV and podcast host, columnist, blogger, peak performance coach and philanthropist.

Mr. Fannin has 48+ years of professional coaching, consulting and public speaking experience. He has coached 1000+ professional athletes from 22 sports, including members of the PGA and LPGA tours, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, MLB, US Equestrian Association, World Series of Poker and the Olympics. He has trained tens of thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies from 50 industries in peak performance. All personal clients (approximately 2500) have set personal records. Many have set team, industry and or world records.


The Jim Fannin Story - From Anonymity to the Masses


For 50 years, I spent my life in the trench of peak performance. I have thoroughly enjoyed helping the “best of the best” reach their pinnacle of success in life, sports, and business. My phone bill reflected 6,000 minutes of usage a month. In fact, it still does. My clients’ access to me has been and still is 24/7. Yes…I do receive the 3 AM phone call that says, “I have a Challenge.”


While other prominent coaches of the world took their message to the masses, I chose a path of anonymity. Here I could give my client’s undivided attention. From center court Wimbledon, the diamond of the World Series, the fairways of Augusta, the gridiron of the Super Bowl, to the boardrooms of the Fortune 500, I’ve been there. Most observers believed I was the insurance man or the sports agent.


However, that has changed. Born in Ashland, Kentucky, in 1949, my financially strapped parents moved farther south into the coalmine region of the Appalachian Mountains. Here I saw poverty firsthand. I slept on a mattress that rested on a dirt floor. I asked my mom, “Are we poor? She replied, “We are not poor. You have food. You have milk. You have a home. And unlike the family up the ‘holler,’ you have your own bedroom.” Like my father, my mom was tough … Appalachia tough. And they were the most positive people I’ve ever known.


Several years ago, my mother looked me in the eye from her deathbed and commanded with a whisper, “Go for it! Take your message to the masses. Promise me.” Her only child responded, “I promise, Mom.” With that, she died. My deathbed promise set me on a pathway to deliver my message to the masses.


For decades I’ve privately sold my messages of hope and possibility to the rich and famous with my S.C.O.R.E.® Success System. Now I am ready to share it with you!


Mr. Fannin knows business. In 1974 Jim franchised and licensed his proprietary young children’s tennis program called Tennis Tots®. With over 250,000 children ages 4-8 enrolled in over 350 global locations with 2000+ fully trained coaches, Jim knows how to scale.


He has coached executives from 350 of the Fortune 500, in addition to coaching the leadership teams from GE Healthcare, Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Waddell & Reed, and Mercedes, among many more. Jim’s expertise in managing thoughts within a corporate structure has garnered billions of dollars in EBITDA. From blending cultures for an international entity with two or more acquisitions to tripling income for a family-owned business to scaling small businesses to a national or international entity, Jim has done that.


Mental Wellness

Super healing is a major benefit of Jim’s proprietary S.C.O.R.E.® Success System.

Fannin knows mental wellness. Jim and his team are dedicated to promoting high school and college students’ mental wellness. From Rice University’s baseball team to the University of Illinois men’s golf team to the University of Richmond women’s golf team, Jim and his team are changing the negative malaise on university campuses to one of simplicity, balance, and abundance. Jim’s expertise spans birth thru five years old to teenagers to senior citizens 70 years and older. With Jim’s techniques, an individual can change a negative habit to a positive within 7-10 days. Worry will be eliminated at the same time.


With proprietary techniques, Jim has trained therapists to help their patients overcome alcohol and opioid addiction. He coaches veterans to shed the hardship of PTSD. His sports clients use proprietary techniques to heal 30-50% sooner than their professional doctors, trainers, and therapists prescribe. Over 75 individuals have used Jim’s techniques to place cancer in remission (Jim is one of these stories).


International Speaker and Facilitator

Mr. Fannin sells out webinars and live seminars. For over 50 years, Jim has conducted over 2500 keynote presentations, seminars, and webinars. With his new 100-seat training center in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, Jim is excited to conduct year-round training for new ZoneCoach® trainers, individuals, teams, and companies seeking a life of being your individual authentic best self while managing a life of simplicity, balance, and abundance.


Jim inspires audiences from 25 to 15,000 in attendance. He has conducted over 2,000 powerful, informative, and interactive talks on thinking like a champion in life, business, and sports. Jim’s talks are game-changers and, more importantly…life-changers!


Physical Wellness

Jim has been featured in, Cosmo, Esquire, and Men’s Health

Mr. Fannin knows physical wellness. With proprietary techniques, Jim has trained therapists to help their patients overcome alcohol and opioid addiction. He coaches veterans to shed the hardship of PTSD. His sports clients use proprietary techniques to heal 30-50% sooner than their professional doctors, trainers, and therapists prescribe. Over 75 individuals have used Jim’s techniques to place cancer in remission (Jim is one of these stories).


Jim has trained hundreds of hospital administrators in efficiently managing their staff, from the c-suite to the nurses on the floor. Super healing is a major benefit of Jim’s proprietary S.C.O.R.E.® Success System. Weight loss and overall happiness are major benefits of Jim’s federally registered S.C.O.R.E.® System of thinking.


Saved Over A Thousand Marriages

Mr. Fannin knows relationships. Jim has helped save thousands of marriages from divorce. Within hundreds of 1+1=3 Relationship seminars, Jim provides a blueprint for a successful, long-term relationship. His book, 90-Seconds to a Great Relationship, guides you with proven tools and techniques to place your relationship on a higher ground of love, respect, and mutual benefit.


Parenting in the Zone

Mr. Fannin knows parenting. As a dad to two adult female decision-makers, Jim knows that children are only as good as what they think when mom and dad aren’t there. Developing a world-class decision-maker is one of the main roles of parenting. With his popular seminar, Coach Your Kid To Greatness, parents will leave with a parenting blueprint with specific tools and techniques to raise children with a champion mentality.


As a parent and grandparent, Jim knows the trials and tribulations of raising a child. As one of his favorite subjects, he has conducted over 500 parent seminars titled, The Parent Blueprint: Coach Your Kid To Greatness.


- Chairmen, CEOs and Senior Executives from 350 of the Fortune 500
- Governor of Ohio
- World’s #1 Professional Golfer; World’s #1 Golf Instructor
- 5 Major League Baseball MVPs and 2 MLB Batting Champions
- 3 MLB Hall of Fame members (Randy Johnson, Frank Thomas, Jim Thome)
- 28 MLB All-Stars and 2 MLB Home Run Champions
- Frank Thomas MLB All-Star, MVP, Hall of Fame (entire career)
- 4 MLB Cy Young Award winners (Hershiser, McDowell, Zito, R. Johnson)
- 9 players on the World Series runner-up Cleveland Indians (1997)
- LPGA Major Champion
- World Davis Cup Finalist
- French Open Champion & Finalist
- NBA All-Stars
- Olympic Gold Medalists
- World Cup Players; MLS Cup Champion and MLS MVPs
- #1 Pro Tennis Player from 16 Different Countries
- World’s Highest Paid Athlete
- 7 World’s Top 10 Pro Tennis Players
- MLB Manager of the Year; NBA Coach of the Year
- NFL All-Pros
- 4x Wimbledon Doubles Champion
- Youngest PGA Tour Qualifier
- 10 Pro Golfers to 1st Victory
- Senior PGA Professional Player of the Year (2017)
- PGA Tour Rookie of the Year
- 3 NCAA National Golf Champions
- Champion Poker Players
- Bridgeview Bank Group ($150M-$1.5B in assets in 5 years & record earnings)
- Waddell & Reed Office (Countryside, IL) to #1 National Ranking
- NY Times Best Selling Authors
- Miss Fitness USA
- Academy Award Winning Director
- Worldview International Foundation
- Internationally Acclaimed Artist (Romero Britto)
- Cities of Bridgeview, Illinois & Ashland, Kentucky
- Norwegian and Irish Tennis Federations
- 7 National Amateur Champions (Tennis); 12 State Amateur Champions (Tennis)
- 12-time Big Ten Champion, 2013 NCAA Runner-up (University of Illinois, Men’s Golf)
- University of Illinois, Men’s Basketball & Baseball Teams
- University of Richmond & NC State Women’s Golf Teams
- NCAA Coaches of the Year (Basketball; Golf)
- Loyola, Lewis & NC State University Athletic Departments
- PGA of America, Illinois PGA, Florida PGA, Hawaiian PGA
- NCAA All-Americans from 6 Sports
- Actors, Authors, Screenwriters, Musicians, Opera Singers, Country Singers, Artists, Politicians, and Managers and Coaches from MLB, NBA, MLS and NFL



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