Guest Profile

John Krigger

John Krigger is a nationally recognized expert in the field of energy conservation for buildings. He combines lifelong experience in energy-conservation technology with the ability to communicate effectively. For more than 20 years, he has produced publications, developed curriculum, and presented seminars on energy efficiency.
In 1987, John founded Saturn Resource Management and began publishing books on energy conservation and energy efficiency for buildings. Since then, he has authored or co-authored dozens of energy publications. The best known on these are Residential Energy: Cost Savings and Comfort for Existing Buildings, Your Mobile Home: Energy and Repair Guide for Manufactured Housing, and Saturns popular weatherization field guides, which are used by approximately 32 state weatherization programs. John is also the co-developer of the Comprehensive Home Energy Curriculum CHEC, which is now Saturn Online.

John recently spent three years in the Czech Republic, where he investigated European construction and retrofit techniques. His research included hydronic heating efficiency, insulation methods, air sealing techniques, and moisture control for multifamily masonry buildings.

Currently, John instructs energy raters and analysts at Saturn Online through videos, narrated slide shows and written communication on electronic forums. From 1979 to 2007, John trained technicians in the Weatherization Assistance Program, Home Performance with Energy Star, and the utility energy conservation programs of 25 states to perform energy audits, insulate, service heating systems, reduce cooling costs, and seal air leaks in homes.
John has served as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Energy, over 30 State government agencies, including Pacific Gas and Electric, National Renewable Energy Lab, Energy Ideas Clearinghouse, Conservation Services Group, and the Building Performance Institute, just to name a few.