Guest Profile

Karyn Aymée

Karyn Aymée is a French Love and Life coach, specialized in helping women entrepreneurs, Highly Sensitive & Highly gifted, in their love life and the full integration of their potentials.
She also works with businessmen / Busy husbands, to help them understand their wife and give her the attention she needs and make their relationship stronger and sexy.
She has been passionate by the subject of Love relationship and self-development all her life and has a few certifications: NLP Master, Dance Therapy, Psycho-genealogy, prenatal memories, GTS-concept (brief therapy tools), Life and Love coaching, Coaching for Highly Gifted and Highly sensitive persons
She has been studying with Dc Joe Dispenza and Lynne Mctaggart and is now taking in university degree at Quantum University Hawaii in Holistic Health and Quantum Healing.
She is also an edited author in France and is in 2022 going to auto edit her first novel in American English.
Karyn is a former French Teacher for foreigners and former Dance teacher. She loves to accompany groups and couples and single, and her specialty is to always work “A la Carte”. Karyn helps her clients grow and live their life fully, and she does that, “The French Way.”
Karyn organises retreats in the forest in The French Pre Alpes, 50km from Nice, for busy women who need to break free from technology and screens.
She loves adventure and travels and speaks 5 languages. She has chosen to work with Americans because she dreams of soon sharing her life between France and the USA.