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Kathryn Sansone

ShapeUpMom, Kathryn Sansone, is a fit, active mother of 10, established author and positively motivating force for women to lead a healthy lifestyle within her family and with all who meet her. She is a certified fitness trainer who has struck a balance between supporting her personal life goals and how to share that experience with her family. As author “Woman First, Family Always”, Kathryn shares tips, advice and experiences that have shaped her into the woman, mom, friend, sister, and wife she is today. Kathryn is a queen of organization out of sheer necessity. She loves her busy, but happy household and adores her husband Jim who partners with her through it all. Women respect and look to Kathryn Sansone for her wealth of practical parenting knowledge, advice on running an organized and healthy household and her positively motivating personality.