Guest Profile

Ken Lindner

Ken Lindner, The Founder of Life-Choice Psychology, has counseled thousands of individuals over the past thirty years and helped them make life-enhancing personal and professional decisions.
One of Ken's primary missions in life is to enable individuals to make well thought-out, positive life choices. He focuses on both the cognitive, as well as the all-important emotion-based components of decision-making. By virtue of his guidance, those with whom Ken works are able to think and reason with crystal clarity and free of toxic emotions. As a result, these individuals, time after time, make life choices that reflect and effect their most highly-valued goals.

A second life mission of Ken's is to enable individuals, through their positive life choices, to develop empowering feelings of high self-esteem. These feelings, in turn, catalyze these individuals to make more and more great life choices, as they begin to perceive that the positive decisions they make are truly worth making.
Ken graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University, where his honor's thesis was devoted to the science of decision-making. He later graduated from Cornell Law School, where he focused on conflict resolution.

He currently owns and operates the country's premiere news and hosting representation firm, Ken Lindner and Associates, Inc. Among many of the notable individuals whose careers he has helped to develop are Matt Lauer, Lester Holt, Mario Lopez, Robin Meade, Megyn Kelly, Sam Champion, Tom Bergeron, Shepard Smith, and Nancy O'Dell.